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What Makes Polycarbonate Tumblers A Great Fit For Your Next Outdoor Party?

A lot goes into planning an outdoor party, whether you're throwing a little get-together for a few close friends or a huge outdoor event for your hundred closest acquaintances. Of course, there are seating arrangements to worry about and food to prepare, but drinks often take center stage. After all, what's a great party without great drinks to go along with it?

Of course, outdoor parties require a few considerations that don't plague quieter, more formal indoor gatherings. If you often find yourself frustrated by more traditional drinkware during outdoor parties, check out these three reasons why polycarbonate wine tumblers might transform your next open-air party.

1. Less Troublesome Accidents

There's no use crying over spilled milkshakes, but spilled wine is another story. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and they can be a bit more common wherever there's a lot of heavy drinking happening. Traditional wine glasses are, unfortunately, poorly suited for these environments. Spills and drops are almost inevitable at outdoor parties where people move around a lot.

With glass drinkware, an accident can potentially result in more than just a bit of spilled alcohol. A broken glass can pose a hazard to your guests, forcing you to stop the festivities and clean up shards of glass. Polycarbonate drinkware is effectively unbreakable, making accidents a brief inconvenience instead of a threat to exposed feet and hands.

2. Better Insulation

Consuming a frosty beverage outdoors is one of life's little pleasures, but typical glass drinkware is hardly suitable for harsh outdoor conditions. If you're partying on a warm summer day, you may have trouble keeping your wine at its ideal and slightly-cool temperature. Even worse, glasses left on a table can quickly heat wine to unpleasant temperatures.

While tumblers may not be traditional drinkware for wine, their superior insulation makes them an excellent choice for outdoor events. Your guests will enjoy wine that stays closer to its optimum temperature for longer, allowing your friends and family to enjoy their drinks at a more leisurely pace without worrying about returning to warm glasses.

3. More Durability

Drinkware is an investment, and polycarbonate is an excellent option if you're after tumblers that will stand up to abuse and potentially harsh conditions. Unlike other plastic options (such as acrylic), polycarbonate can resist shattering and withstand outdoor threats such as ultraviolet rays. Polycarbonate will remain strong, whereas other plastic materials will weaken or become yellow.

Since tumblers can often be a slightly more expensive option than cheap glass stemware, this durability means that your investment will pay off for many years. You'll get to provide your guests with trendy and practical drinkware that will stand the test of time while offering practical benefits for your outdoor gatherings.