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Why It's Good To Buy A Dried Flower Bouquet

When you picture a bouquet of flowers, there's a good chance that you think of one that is made of fresh flowers. This style of bouquet can be suitable for a wide range of occasions, but there are other bouquets to consider. When you visit a local florist, consider asking about bespoke dried flower bouquets. You can give the florist an idea of how you want the bouquet to look, including what flowers you want to be included and how big you want the bouquet to be. There are many reasons that it can be a good idea to buy a dried flower bouquet, including the following.


A big reason to consider buying a dried flower bouquet, either for yourself or to give someone as a gift, is the longevity that this type of arrangement offers. Fresh flowers will last for a while, but they'll eventually begin to wilt and need to be thrown away. This isn't something that you'll need to worry about with dried flowers. While there are a handful of factors that will influence exactly how long a dried bouquet lasts, you can be confident that this arrangement will have a much longer lifespan than that of a bouquet made of fresh flowers.

Low Scent

Fresh blooms often have a strong fragrance that many people enjoy. However, those who are sensitive to certain scents may find fresh flowers to simply be overpowering. If you're buying flowers for someone as a gift and you aren't aware of how well they handle scents, you might be nervous about getting an arrangement that has a strong smell. In such a scenario, a dried bouquet can be a better choice. In general, you'll find that lots of dried flowers have little to no scent — making them a good choice for those who are sensitive to the smell.

No Need For Water

When you give a bouquet of fresh flowers to someone, they need to place the flowers in a vase, fill the vase with water, and perhaps even top up the water a few times in the coming days. While these tasks aren't difficult or overly time-consuming, you might like the idea of a gift that requires less maintenance. A bouquet of dried flowers won't need water, which means that the recipient can simply place them in a vase and not have to worry about any upkeep. Contact a local florist to learn more about dried flower bouquets.